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410 Brass Hull Reloading

You folk do one heck of a lot of reloading so I figured that I'd get the most information from you guys/gals than anywhere else. I use to be in the shotshell business big time as I shot all four gauges in NSSA registered skeet. It ended up that I had the MEC grabber for my 12 gauge since that was the most shot for the gauge and the caliber of choice for the game of doubles as well. All other gauges were loaded on their respective Sizemaster presses. That worked out pretty well and I had a lawn mower looking thing that I'd run across the fields after a shoot and it'd pick up each and every shotshell left for the birds on the ground. Usually that kept me in business as far as hulls were concerned. Well, those days are long gone and now I just load the 410 in a brass hull, just for defensive gun use and was wondering what all you folks were using if you also loaded brass hulled 410's?

I finally found all of the various steel dies to do different functions of the reloading of the brass 410 hull just like it was a modern centerfire rifle round. A universal depriming die took care of the depriming operation. A cut in half 444 marlin carbide sizing die took care of the resizing although I had to have a solid pin to push the hull all the way into the die and then the same diameter pin to hammer it out of the die from the top. Belling the brass was done with a universal belling die and extreme tapered expanding punch. Then the hull was rammed in the press into an upside down Lee bullet sizing die for .410. The bell in the case kept it close as ever to the side walls of the "after sizing" portion of the Lee die and it would stop at the sizing section. With the hull all the way up into the upside down die I used it as a loading stage, inserting powder and projectiles into the case. My bullet making was swaged by Corbin dies an I could get four cylinders of 70 grains each into a Ballistic Products long shot wad for 410 with just a hair of bullet over the top edge of the wad. Then I'd insert waxed Nitro card wads to even up the load height wise and finally put an overshot wad in place with a drop of water glass to stick the wad in place. After the top wad was dry I'd then run it into a 7mm Remington magnum sizing die with the depriming and case expanding rod removed. The 7mm mag is larger in all respects than the 410 until it gets to the shoulder area. This is where the die was adjusted to apply a slight roll crimp on the case and finish the reload. There has got to be a much simpler way to do this, but I liked the fact that I was doing it all and getting exactly the same results from shell to shell.

The brass holds much more content than plastic hulls and with metallic dies, they provide a constant pressure that would not be available to a plastic hull loader. So how do you load your 410 defensive loads? Smithy.
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RE: 410 Brass Hull Reloading

I wish we could provide some assistance, but we don't load any 410 at all. For defensive use we use 12 ga.