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350 Legend

Hey everyone. I was wondering what I should use on my RL550B to reload 350 Legend? Haven’t seen a conversion kit. The case is based off of 223. Let me know what you all think. The case tapers a little from the bottom to the top but it’s the same rim as 223. Hopefully you experts can help me out. Thanks.
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RE: 350 Legend

I loaded 100 for my granddaughter and the 550 is more than capable of reloading 350 Legend. There are no Dillon dies yet, but the other companies are making them. I purchased Lyman because that's what my local gun shop had in stock. I promptly snapped a decapping pin so consider resizing and decapping in a separate operation. For my decapping on this caliber, after breaking a pin, I switched that operation to a Lee, which in my opinion, is gorilla proof.
The Dillon .223 shellplate set works perfectly. Good liuck.