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I want to reload John Browning's first cartridge, the 32ACP. I love the Dillon pistol dies, and I've been blessed enough to be able to convert my entire "fleet" of pistol dies over to these wonderful dies.

So the 32ACP enters my reloading needs and I see that your version of 32 caliber is labeled for ".32 S&W Long and .32 H&R Mag". These may be the longer cousins of 32ACP, but there is nothing to explicitly tell me if they are suggested for this caliber.

Can you answer this please. Thank you in advance.
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The other two cartridges are rimmed revolver cartridges. They are not at all like the .32 ACP/.32 Auto, which is a straight-walled, semi-rimmed automatic pistol cartridge.

Dillon does not list .32 Auto dies. I use Hornady’s dies in this caliber.

One thing to keep in mind is that .32 Auto takes very small powder charges, often less than 3 grains. You might want the extra small powder measure bar for this cartridge.