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.308 Dillon Seating Die with Redding Micrometer Insert

Hi there. I have a quick question. I'd like to utilize my existing Dillon die, but have the adjustability of a micrometer in my seating die. Is there a solution for this? Obviously it would be much cheaper for me to buy just the insert instead of the whole seating die etc. Basically from Redding "Redding Bullet Seating Micrometers are the perfect addition to any bullet seating die that utilizes 1/2-20" threads." I guess the real question, does Dillon dies utilize an internal thread pitch of 1/2-20? Thanks in advance,
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RE: .308 Dillon Seating Die with Redding Micrometer Insert

The Dillon rifle die bullet seating stems are 1/2-20 TPI.