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300 blk out

Hi Guys
I am getting ready to buy a super 1050, I am wanting to load 300 blk out, Do I have to order a tool head specifically for this round or will the standard tool head work? I also will be getting the case trimmer to make my own cases, and is the case feed plate for 223 the one I need for 300 blk out?

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RE: 300 blk out

For trimming 223 into 300 BLK, you will need the short trim die toolhead, stock number 62219-$224.95, in addition to the RT1500 trimmer and the 300 BLK trim die. This die forms and trims 223 into 300 BLK in one stroke.
When feeding 223 cases in the case feeder, you need the small rifle case feed plate. When feeding 300 BLK cases however, you use the large pistol casefeed plate and two spacer washers.
For loading 300 BLK, use the standard toolhead.