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30-06 carbide sizing die destroing brass

Hi running into a problem where with certain head stamps running the brass through my new carbide sizing. Things get difficult near the end of the stroke and the die is leaving a raised brass ring around the base of the case. I'm specifically seeing this with HXP, and Lapua brass, LC or most commercial brass runs through fine. The interesting thing is this is only happening with the normal carbide sizing die out of the 3 die set. If I setup and use the (non carbide) size/trim die I have, I'm able to setup the same head space and the brass is not damaged when sizing. This is once fired brass from my Garands and 03s fired at cmp matches. Any thoughts on why the size/trim die is able size the brass without damage where as the normal carbide die destroys it?
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RE: 30-06 carbide sizing die destroing brass

This area of the forum is for Mr Bulletfeeder issues.

Regarding your carbide size die, it sounds like the bottom of the die is a bit tight, and the Greek HXP brass might be a bit softer than the other brands, and expanding slightly more. You would need a micrometer, not calipers, to detect the difference in diameter at the base of the case. I suggest that you email us for a return authorization, and then send us the carbide size die and 10-12 sample fired, unsized HXP cases, along with a couple of examples of sized cases showing the raised surface.