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223 sizing die

I am going under the assumption that Dillon set up the carbide 223 sizing die in my 1050 correctly:
I put a 223 case through the sizing die as set up, put it into my Wilson case gage and it says that the shoulder is pushed back too far. (the head of the case is below the lower step on the gauge)

Puzzled I then put the case that Dillon sent as proof that the press had been set up correctly into the Wilson gauge. It too was pushed back too far according to the Wilson gauge!

Not sure of what to make of all of this, that is why I am posting here. IF this is the closest to being setup, I respectfully ask Dillon to quit saying that the dies are set up, because this is not even close and the misrepresentation could cost someone a lot of time and money. In other words if this is as close as you can get DO NOT call this or imply that the dies are correctly setup. Because in my case the very first die I looked at seems to be way out of adjustment.
Thanks in advance.