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.223 reloading on 650

New to rifle reloading and have a question. I’m confused on resizing and trimming. After resizing does each case have to be checked in case gauge? If so after trimming do I relive the cases and drop them back into case feeder or place each case into station 2? Is it easier to buy a separate Toolhead just for the sizing die and after sizing and trimming all cases place other Toolhead in and load cases?
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RE: .223 reloading on 650

If you are going to be reloading lots of 223, I'd get a second tool head for the trimming and sizing, that's the way I do it. I have the Dillon electric trimmer mounted on a tool head with the special trimmer die and a decap die. 1st station decaps, second and third are empty, fourth is the trimmer, which also sizes the case, and the last is empty. I run all my 223 through this way and I don't need to check the length of each case individually. I then swap out tool heads and start loading.
If you're not loading a lot, then your in for a much slower process, especially if you have to handle each case numerous times for trimming. I would never replace a case in the second station manually, just use the case feeder and drop them in. You only need to size them once, so skip this step on the second go round if you resize before trimming, which is the way I'd do it going that way. I hope this helps.
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RE: .223 reloading on 650

This is my routine with once fired raw brass, military and commercial.

Dedicated toolhead set up:

#1 Lee or Dillon Universal Decap die
#2 Dillon F/L size die without the decapping pin to PARTIALLY resize case and make sure everything is round. Do not do a full resize! See #4
#3 empty
#4 RT-1200 trim to 0.020 under max case length. (this die will do a full resize and needs that friction so the cartridge case does not spin when trimmed!). I also nut this die on TOP AND THE BOTTOM of the toolhead as vibrations tend to loosen the adjustments.
#5 M die.

The Lyman M die is a godsend when loading flat based projectiles.

Wet wash with Stainless Steel pins using ArmorAll car wash with wax and citric acid.
Dry in oven or full summer sunlight.


Loading procedure after that brass prep stage.

Lay brass in shallow cardboard box and spray with Dillon lube for rifle and Hornady One Shot for pistol cartridge cases.
Take a twenty minute break to let carrier evaporate and lube to disperse.

Reloading toolhead

#1 Universal decapping die to ensure clear flash holes. (Note no Full Length Resizing, don’t want to undo M die flare.)
#2 empty ... prime the case (I prime on another press if using Federal primers.)
#3 Powder fill (brass galling greatly reduced due to M die, wax and lube stages.
#4 Bullet seating
#5 crimp with either Dillon crimp die or Lee Factory Crimp die depending on caliber/firearm preferences.


After this initial cycle is done, my toolheads are setup like usual for loading.