ZETA6 | J-PAK Speedloader S&W J-Frame | Package of 2

• J-PAK™ is an ambidextrous 3-2 speedloader that can be configured for left-hand or right-hand use.

• Insert 5 rounds into the six sockets to configure J-PAK to load 3 then 2 rounds with either left or right hand.

• The unused socket provides a finger gap for positive orientation and better control of the speedloader.

• J-PAK™ works well with most grip sizes to load 5 (3-2) cartridges at a time in most 5-shot J-frame revolvers.

• Great for EDC/concealed carry. The J-PAK™ fits nearly flat in pockets of shirts, pants, vests, and jackets.

• Made from tough BPA, BPS, BPF free polyurethane material for use in both hot and cold environments.

Left-hand Use: Load three rounds on the side marked “L” and two rounds on the opposite side.
Right-hand Use: Load three rounds on the side marked “R” and two rounds on the opposite side.

The Zeta6™ J-PAK™ Speed Loader will fit the following 5-shot revolvers if fitted with most grip styles including CRIMSON TRACE laser grips:

S&W® 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 49, 60, 337, 340, 342, 360, 437, 442, 637, 638, 640, 642, 649, M&P Bodyguard 38
Taurus™ 85, 605, 605 Poly, 650, 651, 850, 851 (will not fit Taurus 85 Poly or Taurus Model 856)
Charter Arms  All 5-shot revolvers chambered in 38 Special
Rossi® 68, 88, 351, 352
Ruger® SP101 (will not fit well with the Ruger LCR)

Note regarding Ruger® LCR:
J-PAK was not designed for the Ruger LCR. However, J-PAK will work with the Ruger LCR chambered in 38SP/357 Magnum but will require that you push the rounds into the cylinder using about 5 pounds of force. Do not use J-PAK to load an LCR without supporting the cylinder.

DISCLAIMER: Two J-PAK™ reloaders only. Bullets and firearms displayed in photos are not included.

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NOTE THIS IS A RESTRICTED & REGULATED PRODUCT.     Some US States and countries / territories  outside the USA do not allow shipment of this product.   Note that USA means the 50 United States,  not APO / US Territories.     If you have a restricted item in your shopping cart and you cannot check out , please remove it. Magazines : 

  • California: 10 round limit
  • Colorado: 15 round limit
  • Connecticut: 10 round limit
  • District of Columbia: 10 round limit
  • Hawaii: 10 round limit (Pistol magazines only).
  • Illinois (Cook County): 10 round limit
  • Maryland: 10 round limit
  • Massachusetts: 10 round limit (unless customer supplies a copy of a license to possess high capacity magazines. Phone-in orders only)
  • New Jersey: 10 round limit
  • New York: 10 round limit
  • Oregon: 10 round limit
  • Vermont: 10 round limit (rifle) and 15 round limit (pistol)
  • Washington: 10 round limit


Firearm Parts & Shooting Accessories Outside of USA: 

  • Firearm parts not shipped outside USA (triggers, stocks, barrels, bolts, receivers)
  • Moon clips, speed loaders not shipped outside USA

Bullets, Brass,  & Other Components:

  • Live ammunition not delivered to California, Hawaii, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts,  New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington DC, Alaska, Washington, Illinois, Rhode Island or any non-50-state US Territory / APO

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to https://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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