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1200b Trimmer Maintenance

I purchases the Dillon 1200b last year and it has been running flawlessly - Thank you!

I have run as of this week 14,000 rounds of 223 through the trimmer.  The case mouth seems to be burring up a little compared to when I first started trimming cases.

Which leads me to my question. I see the blade (part #13141) is a three sided blade which your web site say's is good for hundreds of thousands of rounds.  Do you have a little closer round count on when I should expect to turn the blade to a new cutting surface?


Thank you for your help


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RE: 1200b Trimmer Maintenance

Typically the cutting surface is good for 200,000-225,000 cases. You might check the blade for any brass buildup on it. If necessary, use a wire brush to remove any brass buildup from the cutter.