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1050 shell plate feed issue

Well I'm having some issues after many years with my 1050 223 shell plate feeding properly it seems that more so than not the cases won't feed properly into it and I have to manually pull the feeder slide back to often to correct the issue, also many times the shell will just fling out .
Is my play wore do I need to replace it . I have cleaned it as well as the entire machine
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RE: 1050 shell plate feed issue

I suggest you remove the shell plate, and check both sides on a flat surface for any rocking. Damage to either side of the shellplate can cause this. Another possibility is that the shell plate lock ring can be slightly too loose. Push down on the edge of the shell plate at the bullet seating station. If it feels springy, then the lock ring needs to be tighter.

On the case feed side, make sure the roller bolt that threads into the right side of the plunger is greased, not bent, and threaded fully into the side of the plunger.