What is happening? Last year I attempted to buy a 9mm case cage and a brass primer flipper try, placed an order, confirmed by email and then..............heard absolutely nothing. I was prompted to post this after I read on this forum a post by another unhappy customer. Twenty years ago, when I started reloading, the customer service was always exemplary but, alas, it seems no more. Yesterday, after experiencing problems with my SDB whilst reloading 9 mm, I wrote an email to the address of gary, whom I noticed had dealt quickly with the complaint of the unhappy customer referred to above. I then called, from Spain, the helpline and explained my problem (cases were getting stuck in the resizing die at stage 1). The person with whom I spoke, apparently, had never encountered a similar problem and the upshot was that he would send me a new # 5 shellplate. Since then I have discovered that the shellplate is indeed the problem. I found a burr on one of the four stations which prevents the case rim entering fully and thus there is nothing to prevent a case at this particular station on the shellplate from being yanked therefrom and getting stuck in the resizing die.

I wrote another email yesterday after speaking with customer service, confirming my conversation (at this time I still had not isolated the problem) and I also mentioned my ignored purchase request. I am surprised that I have still received no answer to this or the earler email.