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Blade-Tech AR-15 Triple Hip Pouch

Stock Number: 40032

This rig carries 3 mil-spec AR-15 / M-16 type 5.56mm 30 or 20 round magazines in 3 seperate pouchs. The pouches are injection molded for strength and fully tension adjustable which allows security without cumbersome flaps. They also will work bullets forward or bullets to the rear.The pouches are attached to a thigh plate and a vertically adjustable hanger strap to suspend the pouchs below the belt line and an adjustable 2" leg strap to secure the assembly to the upper thigh. This design featuring 1 leg strap, place the rig low enough below the belt to clear armor, LBE, and other gear but ride high enough to be very stable and comfortable. This rig is used by many in three gun matches. This pouch is ambidextrous, can be worn left or right hand. Left hand the tension screws will face forward.


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