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Dillon Optics

Stock Number: dillonoptics.com

Click to view the Unique eyewear that is Dillon Optics!
The Dillon Optics website is now active! Place your order for Dillon optics in complete confidence.Order directly from www.dillonoptics.com only.

Dillon Optics has developed and is bringing to market a technology that has never been seen before. NIR lens technology. The NIR lens is radically different. It is a polarized diffuse reflector that reduces internal reflections within the lens allowing for noticeably sharper clarity. The diffuse reflecting technology is enclosed within the lens to protect it from scratching or exposure to harmful environmental conditions. NIR lenses have oleophobic coatings on the front and back surfaces to resist moisture and to make cleaning easier. the result is a durable lens with outstanding optics and a unique satin finish appearance. NIR lenses are made of CR-39; they block 100% of harmful UV light and meet the optical requirements of ANSI Z80.3. Dillon Optics frames are manufactured in Italy. All plastic frames are made of the proven high quality material Grylamide TR90.
Orders for Dillon Optics glasses must be placed through the Dillon Optics website.


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