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XL650 Casefeed Body Assembly

Stock Number: 650cf body

Parts marked with * are not shown on drawing To obtain warranty replacement parts, please e-mail or phone. Drawing numbers 1,5 and 8 are included in the XL650 Caliber Conversion kits, also available separately under "Caliber Conversion Kit individual parts"
For a larger drawing click Here

  individual parts Stock # Add. Cost
Casefeed Arm Stop Pin 14326 $2.70
Casefeed Body Screw 13989 $1.40
Cam pin Jam Nut 3/8-24 13901 $1.40
Casefeed Arm 13716 $11.35
Generic Standard Casefeed Body Assembly(does not include 1,5 8) 13080 $32.50
Stripped Casefeed Body , Stripped 13558 $24.25
Stripped Casefeed Body, XL 14979 $38.00
Casefeed Body Assembly, XL(does not include1) 22225 $75.50
Camming Pin 13371 $12.99
Casefeed Arm Return Spring 13936 $2.70
458 Socom CF Body Assembly 22225 $75.50

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