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CED Millenium Chronograph Replacement Skyscreens

Stock Number: 18124

So advanced is the CED Millennium, that it required total custom design, tooling, and circuitry development. As with all CED products, the CED Millennium is packed with quality and value! No other chronograph offers as many quality features at such an affordable values as the CED Millennium.
Standard Features:
High, Low, and Average Velocity
Extreme Spread
Standard Deviation
Edit and Omit Functions
10X Mode-records velocity in decimeters.
Multiple skyscreen distance selection.
Meter or Feet recording capacity.
Records velocities ranging from 50 fps to 5,000 fps.
9 Volt battery operation.
Sleek, lightweight, and compact design.
Large string and shot capacity.
Permanent memory back-up.
Voice chip technology.
"Advanced Error Warning" system.
Infrared printing & interface
PC interface (PC software included)
Power Factor computation
On/Off control, with "Auto-Shut Down" mode.
Low battery warning indicator
Back-up battery storage.
The largest custom LCD display in the industry providing all relative information at a single glance.
Custom Key Pad No toggling required with "easy to read" format and moisture resistant display. Skyscreen Sensors, Diffuser Screens, and two-foot foldable (tripod threaded) Mounting Bracket included!


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