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Dillon Rifle Taper Crimp Dies

Stock Number: dtcd

Notice: Many Dillon Die sets are on backorder, as orders are coming in faster than dies can be manufactured. Therefore, backordered dies will be entered as a separate order, with a separate shipping/processing charge.
Taper Crimp Die
The taper crimp die is also specially configured to center both the case neck and the case body, thereby aligning the entire cartridge for a more uniform crimp. Dillon Rifle Dies are designed to meet the more rigid requirements for both accuracy and precision demanded by today's marksman.
A taper crimp die is preferred for loading ammunition intended to be used in semiautomatic firearms with detachable box magazines, and in lever-action firearms with tubular magazines.

  Die Type Stock # Add. Cost
.223 Remington 21676 $27.55
30 M-1 Carbine 62147 $24.45
.308 Winchester 21678 $27.55
.30-06 Springfield 21677 $28.55

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