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Dillon's Rapid Trim 1200B Case Trimmer for 7.62 x 39mm and 6.8 SPC

Stock Number: 22024

Makes short work out of trimming large quantities of 7.62 x 39mm and 6.8 SPC brass.
The RT 1200B is used just like a standard size die. The big difference is that while you are pushing the case into the die to size it, a 1/4 horsepower electric motor driving a carbide cutter is trimming the case to length. Chips are drawn off through a vacuum manifold that clamps to the outside of the special size/trim die. (Vacuum cleaner and hose not included.) Outside diameter of manifold as 1.250"
The RT1200B is equipped with a quick-disconnect power cord; and it can be used on any standard reloader, single stage or progressive.
(available only in 110 volt /60 hz.)
Size/trim dies are sold separately.
Replacement Carbide Cutting Blades, stock#13141
.All the electrical/electronic components of Dillon equipment are covered by a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

Note: A separate trimmer motor/die assembly is necessary for the 7.62x39mm and 6.8 SPC cartridges. The 7.62x39/6.8 SPC trimmer motor is not compatible with any other size/trim dies. Order 22024 trimmer for use with these calibers only.

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