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XL650 Case Feed Mounting Parts

Stock Number: XL650 CF mount p

Parts marked with * are not shown on drawing To obtain warranty replacement parts, please e-mail or phone.
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  Individual Parts Stock # Add. Cost
No-Feed Mounting Kit(includes 1,2,3,4) 21326 $15.95
10-24x 1.5" screw 13905 $1.40
#10 Washer 13738 $1.40
Tinnerman Insert 13801 $1.55
Casefeed mount Post 17123 $22.99
1/4-20x 2.75"Bolt 13911 $2.70
Casefeed Feed Tube, Standard 20532 $11.75
Casefeed Feed Tube, Magnum 20535 $13.25
Clamp 13613 $5.65
Casefeed Post Nut 13988 $1.40

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