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Mec-Gar High-Capacity Pistol Magazines

Stock Number: mecgarmags

Due to high demand and uncertain availability, we will not accept backorders on out of stock magazines. We suggest you phone us to determine availability, as the website does not show availability

Mec-Gar is the OEM of factory Beretta, Browning, and SIG magazines. Mec-Gar's quality speaks for itself, and that's why these companies have chosen Mec-Gar as their magazine source – you should, too.

  Some States, Counties and Municipalities have restrictions on magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds. We will not ship high capacity magazines to residents of those locations.

Current limitations we are aware of are posted as follows:

California- 10 rounds maximum capacity

Connecticut- 10 rounds maximum capacity 

Hawaii- 10 rounds maximum capacity for pistol magazines only

Maryland- 10 rounds maximum capacity

Massachusetts- 10 rounds maximum capacity (unless customer supplies a copy of a license to possess high capacity magazines)

New Jersey- 15 rounds maximum capacity

New York- 10 rounds maximum capacity

City of Washington,D.C.- 10 rounds maximum capacity

City of Chicago, Illinois- 12 rounds maximum capacity

City of Aurora, Illinois-20 rounds maximum capacity 

Colorado- 15 rounds maximum capacity

No foreign sales of magazines , including Canada

  Mag Type Stock # Add. Cost
Beretta 92 9mm,18-rd AFC 18728 $25.95
Beretta 92 9mm,20-rd AFC 18729 $29.95
Beretta 96 15 rd 40 S&W AFC 14992 $29.95
Browning HP 9mm,15-rd Blue 18730 $25.95
1911 45ACP,11-rd Blue 18732 $24.95
Para P-14 45ACP,14-rd Blue 18733 $23.95
Para P16 40 S&W,15-rd Blue 18734 $23.95
Para P-18 9mm,17-rd Blue 18735 $23.95
Ruger P-Series 9mm, 17-rd Blue 18736 $25.95
S&W 59 9mm,17-rd Blue 18738 $25.95
S&W M-59 9mm,20-rd Blue 18739 $29.95
SIG 226 15 rd 40S&W AFC 15020 $29.95
SIG 226 9MM,18-rd AFC 18740 $25.95
SIG 228 9mm,15-rd Blue 18741 $25.95
Springfield Armory 9mm XD 18-rd AFC 14988 $23.99
Springfield Armory XD 13 rd 40 S&W AFC 14991 $29.95
Taurus 92-99 9mm, 17 rd Blue 18742 $25.95
taurus 92-99 9mm,20 rd Blue 18743 $29.95
CZ-75B 9mm,19 RD-AFC 14989 $29.95

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