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Mernickle "Wild Bunch" 1911 Holster

Stock Number: 19947

This holster was designed in a joint effort by World Champion Cowboy Action Shooting Champion Gene "Evil Roy" Pearcey and the World Fast Draw Champion Bob Mernickle when SASS intoduced the "Wild Bunch" category for Cowboy Action Shooting. When these two champions put their heads together, they created a holster that looked like it was made at the turn of the 19th century, yet feature state-of-the-art speed and accuracy. The holster is hard molded so as to not lose its shape even after thousands of draws. It spaces the pistol's grip frame away from your body so you'll get a full combat grip, and the holster includes the T-nut lock system to ensure that it stays in place during a draw.Fits up to a 2 1/2" wide belt.


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