I was wondering if you any suggestions for a sticking primer assembly. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but yes, I have "suffered in silence" with it all these many years. (1986?)

It sticks in the outward pickup position. It does it with or without primers/primer tube. It doesn't matter how clean it is... dry, oiled or dry lubed. Doesn't matter if it's the small primer or large primer bar. The only way I can keep the primer slide from sticking is to keep the primer feed body screws loose. (so loose it wobbles around, which cause occasional alignment issues, and well as the primer track bearing to swing out.) The screws also require constant attention to keep them "just right."

About 12-15 years ago the primer feed assembly was replaced for an unrelated issue. There was no change in the sticking issue with the new parts.

Even with all the headaches it's given me, I wouldn't have traded it for another brand, but I guess I've finally gotten tired of fiddling with it.