Hey Everyone,

Just wanting to know if anyone has purchased a shellplate kit offered on an auction website that I will not name. ;)

I was having a problem with powder spilling while indexing the shellplate and thought I would give it a try. NOT ! Unless I am missing something here... by the time you have added the 2 races and the bearing under the shellplate I sits about .145 higher then normal. Now if this is to work correctly...unless I am missing something, you would have to take off .145 off the bottom of the cam slide to clear the shellplate that now has been raised .145. Also you would have to make new longer locator pins for each caliber and shim the primer station locator tab up .145, not to mention I am not sure if you would have enough stroke to seat the primer in the case at this point. I would not recommend this product to anyone because....unless I am missing something here... you would have to alter your press to make this thing work and then I am not sure it would even work correctly. I am now using a slightly weaker index ball spring and it has taken care of the "snap" you nornally get from indexing the shellplate. You don't want to use to weak of a spring because you still need some pressure from the index ball to the bottom of the shellplate. This has also helped with narrowing variation in coal.

If anyone knows how this works without altering your press please post. I hope this has been of some help to anyone that is having problems with powder spills or variations in coal.

Take Care,