I looked through a bunch of post but didn't find anything addressing this question.

Is it possible to do every step of reloading, except tumbling, on a XL-650/1050 with either a single toolhead or multi-toolhead?

I shoot Glocks 9mm and soon .40/.357 sig and .223 .270. So I believe, since I shoot Glocks, I should consider a different sizer/deprimer die or perhaps two seperate dies?

If this is doable can you look this over and comment and if you don't mind me asking what's your setup?

First tumble brass... then place in casefeeder on 650

Toolhead #1
Station #1 RCBS Lube Die and deprimer,
Station #2 Resizer die EGW for Glock brass, or something similar GRX, CasePro?
Station #3 Swager tool, is there a swage tool that will go on the XL-650?
Station #4 Dillon 1200B Case Trimmer, I understand you don't need to chamfer if you use this tool?
Station #5 Almost out of Stations, anything else? Case gauge, debur primer hole tool, bristle cleaner or something else before we get to the actual reloading or should I get a 1050?

Retumble brass to clean off lube,

Toolhead #2

Station #1 Empty?
Station #2 Insert primer, bell pistol brass and drop powder
Station #3 Powder check/Bullet feeder?
Station #4 Seater die or/Bullet feeder if crimp is not necessary?
Station #5 Crimp die or Seater die.

So hows that look or am I irredeemably lazy?