Just started setting up My Dillon 550B and ran accross a concern on the fourth station where I am setting up my Crimp Die. I am loading .223 and it was recommended I crimp for better performance and on a seperate station at that. I purchased a set of Lee Dies and all seem to be working like a charm except the Factory Crimp Die. Now I know what some might say:"Get Dillon Dies", but let's say for argument sake, I'm stuck with these for now.

Here's the problem: I noticed that the die will not give a sufficient crimp unless the die is all the way against the shellplate. This throws the rest of the dies out of wack (crimp die is longer than the rest). I came to the conclusion that if I set the crimp die first to the correct length then adjust the rest after, it seems to work.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has come accross this obstacle and can offer some suggestions. Does having the die pressed down against the shellplate cause anything to be bent or thrown out of place when you start pressing down on it?