been reading advertisemnts from powder slide improvement vendors other than dillion.  Got email that the  extra small does not throw constistant chages, then same comment about the large powder charge bar. And some bars will have spots that do not throw consistant.  Sales pitch? 

So much informatin that I dont believe any thing.  I have three of the four powder bars and soon iwill have the magum bar. I will throw a few hundred different charges in each and make up my own mind.  Seems silly to me to spend a $100 or more for new plastic powder bars and so called micrometers when still have to weight a charge.  Good salemanship it seems

Since i will only be using Titegroup for the  380 38 357 and 44 mag .  and think i can use for 32 acp . will be easy task. Benchmark for 444 marlin. and the magum.

I can see where it would not hurt to polish out tool marks when possible. Other than that i can not see why a replacement for the standard bolt will make any improvement in function other than helping the lazy guy feel good..

Anyway MR. Dillon any truth or comemts on the information i am getting that dillon powder bars do not throw consistant charges, from outside vendors about a brand new dillon 550 and new powder bars? I did buy the tee style plastic bolt heads, less than ten bucks. . If they work will be better than looking for a wench. Othen than that have no plans on changes.


Oh, one more thought. if the powder is so fine as to exscape and foul the powder bar, seems like is time to change powder brands.  Gun powder makes good fertilizer.