I've had a D-Terminator for about 6 months and it has worked flawlessly until recently. It calibrates fine and I used to get a 167.3 to 167.4 grain reading consistently with the empty the pan. Now it ranges from 167.1gr to 167.8 grains. If I zero the scale with the pan on, weigh a load, take the pan off of the scale and put it back on, I will get a .1 to .7 grain difference in the load weight, but the scale always goes back to zero when I take the pan off. I have changed the batteries twice, tried using the adaptor, I don't have any flourecent lighting, I keep it away from any power sources and I don't have it near air vents. It is in a climate controlled room so there is no temperature differences. Someone told me to try wiping it down with a dryer sheet to remove any static electricity and I will try that when I get home in a few days. Is there anything else I can do to make it read more accurately? Should I return it for a new one?


Thanks in advance.