This month's Blue Press had they bullets for sale and I am really intrigued with the price, however, I have absolutely no experience with plated bullets.  My question is, has anyone here ever used these bullets in reloading and how were they in terms of ease of reloading, reliability in chambering and accuracy out of the barrel?  I've actually seen on a couple of different forums that, like Rainier bullets, the cases should be belled a bit at the lip to ease in seating the bullet without peeling away the plating.  I've also heard that Rainier's bullets are rather soft and will either deform easy or dent if dropped.  Now I'm not reloading for magnum or +P loads... I'm mainly interested in reloading for 9mm and 45acp.  Are these bullets really worth the savings?  How is the quality of the plating?  Some plated bullets, I've heard, look like FMJ and others look very rough and grainy.  Thanks in advance for the replies.