Two weeks now with my RCBS Bullet feeder and 500 round thru it. Things seem to be working fairly well.
Setup requires either the removal of the powder checker and the RCBS bullet feed dies in station #3 or remove the seat die from station #4 replace it with the RCBS Bullet feed die, then use a combination seat/crimp die (I used an older RCBS that i had) in the #5 position. The later is the setup I started with. (unwilling to give up the powder check system)
The instructions that came with the RCBS bullet feed system are very sparse. They would be fine when using the unit with RCBS equipment but with the Dillon 650XL it took a little more thought.
My 650 is mounted on a tough mount, in turn the base for the Bullet feeder is not tall enough. I form fit a 5" piece of Glue Lam and it worked out just right.
Once the system is in place the bullet collator and Bullet feed die is adjusted correctly all works well. Station #2 will require that you adjust the case neck flare a bit wider, to catch and hold the bullets in place. RCBS suggests that you increase the flare to .030. I found that this is way to much and something in the range of .015 to .020 worked just great. Without this extra flare just the action of the bullet moving from station to station would upset the bullet between station #4 where it set it on the case and station #5 where it is seated and crimped. Too much flare and cases will be deformed as it tries to enter the Station #5 seat/crimp die.
My initial setup and first use of the feeder are with .45 ACP. The first 100 rounds i used Montana Gold 200 gr FP Bullets, All worked well a few failures (deformed cases) but as i worked minor adjustments are all it took to correct the issues.
The Second 200 round run went without a problem. Once Cases, Bullets, Primers and Powder where loaded i only stopped as primers ran low.
A slow steady, smooth motion worked well and 12 minutes later 200 rounds are complete.