I am just curious if anyone else has had a problem with the 550b 45 funnel/neck expander being to deep or too long in 45 acp cases. I have been fighting major bullet setback issues with short jacketed bullets, I am ashamed to say for years, but since I rarely use jacketed bullets in the 45 acp I have not attacked the issue until now. My .452" lead bullets don't usually have a setback issue. With 185 JHP bullets at .451 I was having fits. I tried heavy crimps, that helped but swaged the bullets down. Strangely, I was not getting the problem out of my old style set of RCBS dies so it finally dawned on me to measure the depth of the neck expander plug, not just the diameter. The RCBS was only .200" deep but the Dillon was .400" deep. I shortened the Dillon to .200 and Voila!...set back went away almost completely. If I run the same round thru the mag several times it will move a little deeper...like .010 or so after several cycles. 

My question is, does Dillon make a special/shorter funnel for the 45acp? Is there a different/better solution than this? BTW, mostly WW, R-P, PMC brass. Some Federal, Speer also. I have also had this problem with Sierras and Speers with the short bullets, less out of the 230 grainers. The bullets I was using this time were from Zero.