Dear Dillon,

Somewhat new to reloading,currently only reloading 9mm. Expecting shipment of .40 S&W dies/set up today. I have read too much conflicting information on the reloading of .40 S&W especially when it comes to shooting the reloads out of a Glock. Lots of info stating you should not even reload .40 S&W due to the unforgiving tolerance in pressures.  I understand that you are not supposed to shoot lead bullets due to the barrel that a Glock has come with in the past. Some say the new barrels are cut differently and it is ok. Either way, I am planning on reloading 165gr JHP and 180gr JHP for my Glock 22 and Beretta 90 two in .40 S&W. Can you give me the skinny on reloading this round, I trust your valued opinion. Also what are good powders for this round? Again thanks in advance for your great product and service. My xl650 is the king!