Hello reloading friends,

Hey I'm pretty new to reloading and have a question for you Old Pros!

BTW: My new 550B (and accessories) is on the way!

Anyway, I've researched everywhere on the net and can't seem to find out which is the correct primer for a .40 S&W? I've purchased the large pistol primers for my .45 ACP rounds and am not sure if I can use them for the .40 S&W? I'm kinda' thinking that I might need to use the small pistol primers for that round? Any ideas?

Otherwise I built my bench over the weekend and really looking forward to getting going! Another quick question bench wise, how tall is the 550B from the top of the bench? And how much room is needed above it? I purchased the strong mounts for my set up but the roof slopes up from the wall at the rear of the bench and hoping that I have enough above it for primers and maybe a case feeder down the road?

Thanks friends, I'm really liking reading this forum already and I've heard great things about this company! Looking forward to reloading and making some new friends along the way!

Cheers from the Colorado Rockies!


Leonard Causland

High Country Highlands,

Silverthorne Colorado